All Enrolments in the Federation of Catholic Regional College are dependent on

1. The recommendation of your Parish Priest who, by signing your application, attests to your support of the Church and Parish.

Support the Church and Parish by:

Support of Catholic Family values as shown by the acceptance of the Sacraments and your attendance at Mass on Saturday/Sunday.

This can be shown in various ways:

  • Member of the Parish Administration Committees - Youth Groups - Fete Committee
  • Social Activities
  • Assistance at your Church, i.e. Reading, Choir, Eucharistic Ministers
  • Assistance in your Parish, i.e. Working Bees, St Vincent de Paul Society, Participation in Project Compassion, Participation in the Justice Group, Participation in the Thanksgiving Program, Prayer Groups, Renew Groups, Assistance in the School

2. Support of the Policies of the College.

Applications that fulfil the above requirements will be considered in accordance with the following priorities:

  • Catholic Students in Priority Parish Primary Schools living in the defined College Zone.
  • Siblings of current students.
  • Catholic Students in other Catholic Primary Schools living in the defined College Zone; and
  • Non-Catholic students in Catholic Primary Schools and Catholic students in other schools living in the defined College Zone may be considered for Pastoral reasons after consultation between the Principal and Parish Priest.

3. Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs Priority Parishes:

  • St Catherine of Siena (Christ the Priest Primary School and St George Preca Primary School)
  • Sacred Heart/Emmaus (Emmaus Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School and Cana Primary School)
  • Resurrection (Resurrection Primary School)