Welcome to Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs. We are a Catholic faith community which focuses on a desire and commitment to serve others and to be the best followers of Christ that we are called to be.

Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs is a young, vibrant and ever evolving school with outstanding new facilities and vast opportunities. We were founded in 2007 as a Year 7 to 10 co-educational College for Catholics from Caroline Springs and surrounding suburbs. The College currently has an enrolment of over 1000 students.

We offer a rigorous learning environment, an extensive wellbeing, co-curricular and cultural immersion program and a deep commitment to faith and social justice. We aim to inspire our students to pursue academic excellence, express their creativity and embrace opportunities for leadership and service.

We are proud to model our values on the example and message of Jesus in the Gospels, and we do this daily, through our commitment to our College motto of ‘Live Fully Act Justly’. We encourage our students to make the most of what life has to offer, to strive to be their very best and, in doing so, to remember to be just to themselves and to others.

We ensure that the curriculum and programmes offered at the College also reflect the values embedded in our motto. We also fully embrace our four College pillars: Stewardship, Prayer, Compassion and Learning.

We are committed to providing a contemporary, comprehensive, and innovative learning environment that ensures all students are given every opportunity to reach their full potential. We are a learning-focused school where, as individuals and as a whole school community, we strive for continuous growth with an emphasis on improving learning outcomes.

Parental involvement and engagement in the life of the College are strongly encouraged and are viewed as essential in the educational partnership established between families and the College.

I thank you for your interest in our College. At a time when educational choices are becoming increasingly important, we welcome your enquiry and invite you to visit us and experience our College first hand. You are welcome to attend a guided tour to gain a fuller insight into the Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs community.

College Leadership Team

I am indeed privileged to lead the community of Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs, guided by the spirit of the Gospel and ignited through the college ethos of ‘Live Fully-Act Justly'

Jamie Madigan