The College library provides access to a range of information sources and reading materials which foster academic success and a love of literature. Our library celebrates knowledge, promotes lifelong learning and encourages imagination and ideas.

Library staff aim to provide the very best service possible for both staff and students, and are happy to assist with any inquiries or resources. Our collection of books and online resources is continually growing and we welcome any suggestions regarding the purchase of new books or resources.

Library staff aim to:

  • Support students’ learning and enrich their research, along with developing independent learning skills.
  • Prepare students to be informed, critical and mindful users of information, with a discerning attitude towards the use of the internet, within education and society.
  • Provide a wide variety of relevant, well-managed resources and services to support teaching and learning in the various curriculum areas.
  • Create a space for the exchange of ideas, collaboration, creativity, as well as to support the recreational needs of its users.


8:00am - 4:15pm Monday - Thursday

8:00am - 3:45pm Friday

(Recess: For printing / photocopying / borrowing)


Students are welcome to use the library at lunchtimes, with the expectation that they will use their time productively.

Suitable activities include:

  • reading books and magazines
  • borrowing books
  • homework
  • working on laptops
  • printing / photocopying
  • playing games, such as Chess, Uno, Scrabble, Mastermind etc.
  • a “hands-on” activity from the Activity table, such as Lego, Colouring in, Jewellery making etc. (The activity changes on a regular basis.)


  • Fiction (Including novels, picture story books, graphic novels, comics etc.)
  • Non-Fiction (Information books)
  • Reference books (Encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries etc.)
  • Magazines (Educational and Leisure)
  • Photocopiers / Printers
  • Cameras
  • Class sets of text books
  • Teacher Reference books
  • Online resources
  • eBooks and audio books
  • Games


The Library Portal on SEQTA (school learning platform) contains quality, online resources for students and staff to use, both at home and at school.

These include:

  • World Book encyclopedia online
  • World Book e-books
  • “Issues in Society” pdfs ( Contemporary issues)
  • “The Age” online
  • “Newsbank” - (Newspapers accessed by subject or date)
  • “Echo Online” - (A platform that collates information on various topics and includes arguments for and against issues.)
  • Links to audiobooks for the current English novels being studied
  • Access to the school catalogue
  • E-books and audio books
  • Bibliographic and Referencing information.


Students may borrow up to three books at a time for a loan period of three weeks. If required, items may be renewed. Students may also “reserve” books that have been borrowed by other patrons.


Students are welcome to photocopy or print in the library. Students are credited with money at the start of each term for these purposes.


  • Chess Club meetings and Chess tournaments are held in the library throughout the year.
  • Book Club meetings are held on a fortnightly basis and are organised by library staff.
  • “Library Week” is celebrated on an annual basis which includes many lunchtime and Homeroom activities, guest speakers and competitions.
  • A “Book Fair” is held annually during Library Week, providing an opportunity for students to purchase quality books at affordable prices.
  • Various competitions are promoted throughout the year, including Poetry, Short Story writing and Book promotion.