College Houses

House Building Day

House Building Day is an all-day event dedicated to immersing our entire Year 7 cohort to the House history and culture of our College. Year 7’s will spend the entire day forging bonds with classmates of their own House (Jackson, O’Reilly, Franklin and Norman). Each House Group learns about the important and revered person that their House is named after as well as the specific core values that are celebrated in each house. Year 9 and 10 House Captains also spend the day with the Year 7’s encouraging their young House mates to display the best version of themselves throughout the day. The highlight of the day are the House Competitions located in the oval, where each House takes part in several team building activities and games for House points. House Building Day is a highly engaging event dedicated to encouraging our youngest cohort to participate in all future House based activities.


Students are afforded the opportunity to participate in three House Sporting Carnivals, that being Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country each year. Each Carnival has a variety of competitive and novelty-based events scheduled to ensure all students, regardless of ability level, can participate. The purpose of each of the Carnivals is to build the sense of community amongst the student body, and enhance student association with their House. Each year students design and create a House Banner to display at the Carnivals.

House Cup

At Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs, the House Cup is awarded at the end of every year to the House which earns the most points during the year. Each House accrues points through a variety of events throughout the year, which include but are not limited to:

  • House Building Day
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Cross Country
  • Run Club
  • Lunchtime Activities and Sport
  • Social Justice Activities