A contemporary setting fosters global and digital citizenship. Students at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs extend their ability to connect, collaborate and critique via our digital learning program. The program aims to bolster students' learning opportunities and engagement with the Curriculum.

Upon commencement at the College, students participate in a MacBook Rollout Program. The Program introduces students to SEQTA Learn - the College Learning Management System, OutLook, trackpad skills, keyboard shortcuts, software and key competencies.

Additionally, Digital Citizenship is developed via the Federal Government endorsed eSmart Digital Licence, created by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. The Program continues and supports the message of the Student MacBook Agreement (found below), promoting the safe and practical use of the learning device.

Student MacBook Agreement
Teachers strengthen student learning with the considered inclusion of purposeful digital subscriptions, content, apps and e-books. The below list is a snapshot of the current integrated digital ties at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs:

To Know Worship and LoveeSmart Digital Licence
Education PerfectDreamweaver
Pearson OnlineMakerCode
Cambridge GOWIRL
Jacaranda PlusAtom
Oxford OnlineGDevelop
EdPuzzleFood for You
StileApp Inventor
Yenka PhysicsAppLab

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