Prayer, liturgy and the sacraments enable each person to nourish the soul and orientate each person towards God.

Through prayer, the sacred is acknowledged, assented to and celebrated. It marks the times when we affirm the presence of God and the sacredness of everyday life.

HoH p.5

Our Catholic College Community fosters prayer, liturgy and the sacraments through:

  • Homeroom Prayer
  • Friday Weekly 8am Mass
  • Opening College Mass
  • Year 7 Family Welcome Day Mass
  • Ash Wednesday Liturgy
  • Easter Liturgy
  • ANZAC Day Liturgy
  • Mothers’ Day Mass
  • Feast of the Assumption Mass
  • Father’s Day Mass
  • Live Fully Act Justly Day Mass
  • Special devotion to the deceased in November
  • Remembrance Day Liturgy
  • Year 10 Graduation Mass
  • End of Year Mass
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Adoration
  • The Rosary