Principal's Report

By Jamie Madigan Principal

As another year ends, I pause to reflect upon the memorable events of this school year. Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank Ms Lucy Swan who did an outstanding job as Acting Principal, whilst I was Principal at Thomas Carr College Tarneit for Semester One, and during my long service leave periods in Term 3 and 4. Lucy led the College with confidence and poise and ensured the College continued to flourish under her leadership. I would also like to thank the College Leadership Team and Dr. Brendan Jackson (Acting Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching), for the great work they did in my absence and continue to do in their respective senior leadership roles. I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of the College community, to thank our teaching staff for their efforts as they have been extremely diligent and generous with their own time to enable these significant events to take place. I would also like to thank the I.T, maintenance, counselling, learning diversity, library, support, administration, and finance staff who have worked diligently to ensure the College runs so effectively and smoothly.

This year we have continued to have quality learning and teaching occurring onsite, every day in the classrooms. We have also participated in many co-curricular activities, including SACCSS sporting events and competitions, camps, excursions, incursions, faith development days, whole school assemblies, masses and liturgies, music and drama concerts, Year 10 formal social, student leadership days, Live Fully Act Justly feast day and a particular highlight was the performing of the College musical ‘High School Musical’, to sell out audiences.

I thank and congratulate the increasing number of students acknowledged as Student Leaders. I would particularly like to thank Zalaika Farrugia, for her outstanding contribution to the college in her role as College Captain and College Deputy Captains Alyssa De Bono, Charli Nugara and Nyankat Deng, for doing a great job in their roles and for being outstanding role models for all our students. Each student leadership role continues to evolve and extend the student leaders’ responsibilities.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge the College School Advisory Council. I would like to particularly thank the SAC Chairperson Mr. Jason Kok and the Custodian of Mission Fr. Richard Rosse, parish priest at St. Catherine of Siena parish. The SAC have met regularly to discuss important information regarding the day to day running of the college as well as future developments, including master planning and finance.

We are filled with excitement and anticipation as the construction on our new triple storey building has now begun. The new building will encompass modern classrooms, and versatile spaces designed to inspire creativity, collaboration, and innovation. This building will accommodate a new College entrance, administration reception office and foyer, conference room, meeting rooms, offices of the Business Manager and Finance Team, a second Staffroom and additional Staff Offices and associated spaces.

Additionally, this building will allow for two Food Technology rooms, with an adjoining dining room, two large collaboration spaces, four Art classrooms, three Music rooms and a recording studio and five general classrooms. This three-storey building will not only meet the urgent needs of the College for specialist classrooms and administration offices but will also future proof the site and ensure additional land is available for future building projects to meet projected enrolment growth.

We continue to build on the very positive relationships that has been established between CRC Caroline Springs and St Luke’s parish as well as our sister school St Francis primary school in Kizinga Uganda.

"In a world where there is so much wealth, so many resources to feed everyone, it is incomprehensible how there can be so many hungry children, so many children without an education, so many poor".

By reaching out in friendship and solidarity with the community of St Francis, Kizinga we have given hope to hundreds of children and their families who otherwise couldn’t access education. The support of our families has enabled the construction and furnishing of two brick classroom blocks; a food program; the refurbishment of the church with a concrete floor; and soon the installation of water tanks. Compassion, empathy and love for one another are the cornerstones of our teaching at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs and we are immensely proud of our community for continuing to embrace the Uganda Project.

In the very busy lead up to Christmas, we often miss Advent's power because these December weeks are full of Christmas shopping, parties and other end of year events. Each year, the business of this month serves to distract us from having an Advent season that truly prepares us for the celebration of Christmas, with all its meaning.

This Advent let us all remember; it is the feast that sings of the gift of life. The birth of a child moves us and causes tenderness. It is a stimulus to discover the warmth of simplicity, friendship and solidarity. Christmas can become an occasion to welcome, as a personal gift, the message of hope that emanates from the mystery of the birth of Christ.

As the 2023 year concludes, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs. I continually feel blessed that I work in a school environment where the College motto of Live Fully Act Justly is lived, breathed and enacted each and every day.

College Captains 2024
I would like to thank our 2023 College Captain Zalaika Farrugia, once again her College Captains address at the Yeasr 10 Graduation, which was absolutely outstanding and truly inspiring, as have all of her speeches been this year. She has been an exceptional leader and role model for all students. I also thank our 2023 Deputy College Captains Alyssa DeBono, Charli Nugara and Nyakat Deng for their great work as leaders in our school.

It is with great pleasure that I can now formally acknowledge and congratulate our School Captains for 2024:

College Captain – Rita Youssef
Deputy College Captains
– Tomasso Corrente, Luca Previti, Tileah Tabone

These students will be formally acknowledged at the investiture ceremony at the start of next year. We eagerly look forward to working with these student leaders in 2024, and we wish them all the best in their roles.

Farewell Year 10s
The Year 10 Graduation Mass and Assembly was held in the College Hall on Thursday 30 November. It was wonderful to again gather as an entire school community on-site with students’ staff and families present.

During this evening we celebrated Liturgy together as a College community and formally acknowledged our Year 10 students who over their four years with us, have been guided by our motto of ‘Live Fully Act Justly’.

I ask our Year 10s to always remember the four relatively simple words of our College motto. Paradoxically these words are also very complex, deep and spiritual. Over their time at the College they would have heard them hundreds, if not thousands of times. These rather unobtrusive four words are truly reflected in their time at the College and we hope they are also forever etched in their mind and more importantly etched in their hearts. At the Liturgy we gathered together as a Catholic community to celebrate the wonderful gifts and talents of our students and we formally farewelled our Year 10s. We hope that they take the ‘live fully’ and ‘act justly’ aspect of our motto with them on their next journey and truly achieve fullness of life.

I would also like to wish all the best to our departing, Year 10 students. This group of students is an extraordinary and eclectic group of young men and women, both collectively and individually. They are scholars, athletes, narrators, engineers, musicians, mathematicians, artists, comedians, politicians and men and women of intense faith, devotion and spirituality.

Pope Francis recently said that:

"School not only expands your intellectual dimension, but also the human heart. In a particular way, Catholic schools are attentive to developing human virtues such as loyalty, respect, faithfulness, commitment."

When I look at you our departing Year 10 students, I have a genuine, optimistic hope for your future and for the future of our Catholic church. I feel certain, that your futures are bright, exciting, and positive. Through an active focus on our College motto ‘Live Fully, Act Justly,’ you our students have embraced a community in which faith is a 'hands on' experience in which you seek Christ in each other and in the world in which you live.

I would like to thank Father Gerard Keith parish priest at Resurrection parish Kings Park for leading us in celebrating the Graduation Mass. Thank you also, to all the staff and students who have been involved in preparing the Year 10 Graduation Liturgy and formal presentations. Firstly, our Head of Faith and Mission Mr Paul Sammut and his Ministry team and the Year 10 student leaders for overseeing the Graduation Liturgy. I also thank our Deputy Principal Wellbeing Mrs Katie Murray Fawcett, Year Level Leaders Dawn Rogers and Xavier Hayes for overseeing a whole team of staff involved in organising the Graduation ceremony. And a special thank you to the College maintenance and I.T teams who were actively involved in setting up and ensuring that all the technology components of the evening ran smoothly.

Presentation Evening: A Celebration of Excellence

Our Presentation Evening: A Celebration of Excellence will be held on Monday 5 December. This event will be an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of our 2023 Award recipients. Throughout the course of the evening, students will be presented with Academic Achievement and Excellence Awards, College Service Awards and other Major Awards for students in Years 7 through to 10. Celebrating together, the Presentation Evening gives us time to pause and take note of what we have achieved, individually and collectively, to honour and respect those who have excelled, and to give thanks. Congratulations to all Award recipients.

I would like to thank our Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching Lucy Swan, the Learning and Teaching team, the administration, I.T and maintenance teams and all staff and students involved, for meticulously overseeing the planning, preparation and implementation of the Presentation Evening: A Celebration of Excellence.

Wishing you all a happy, holy and safe Christmas.

Jamie Madigan

Start of Year Arrangements 2024

• College Office opens Monday 22 January
(operating hours 8.30am to 4.00pm from Friday 22 January to Thursday 25 January)
• College closed for Australia Day public holiday on Friday 26 January
• Year 7 students return Wednesday 31 January
• Year students 8,9,10 return Thursday 1 February
• Arrival time for students is no later than 8.45am
• Dismissal time is 3.00pm


By Paul Sammut Head of Faith and Mission

God of hope, who brought love into this world,
be the love that dwells between us.
God of hope, who brought peace into this world,
be the peace that dwells between us.
God of hope, who brought joy into this world,
be the joy that dwells between us.
God of hope, the rock we stand upon,
be the centre, the focus of our lives
always, and particularly this Advent time.

Advent – Preparing for the Coming of Christ

By Paul Sammut Head of Faith and Mission

As children, many of us remember this time of the year as being a time of anticipation and excitement. It felt like the days leading up to Christmas Day went so slow. As an adult the days leading up to Christmas Day can often be hectic and tiring. Attending various Christmas parties, shopping for Christmas presents amongst the rush of the crowds and attending family gatherings. By the time Christmas comes around many people are already over Christmas itself.

It is important to take the time to purposely reflect on the meaning of Advent (coming from the Latin word Adventus – meaning the coming) as a time of waiting and preparation. The purpose of the season is to help us focus on the Second Coming of Christ; to take time for prayer, stillness, and sacrifice (I encourage you to access the resources in the link below). It is only by doing this that we can reduce the stresses of planning for Christmas and magnify the real meaning of Christmas. Let us enjoy the Christmas decorations, let us sing with intent the traditional Christmas carols, let us see how we can be a ‘gift’ to others, especially the needy and focus our attention on the nativity.

I would like to thank all staff and students who have ministered in the various Masses over the past couple of weeks and this year. These are wonderful times to gather to celebrate the Eucharist and give thanks to God as a Catholic Community. In particular, I would like to thank our Faith and Social Justice Captain Maya Simunija, who have made a wonderful contribution to faith and social justice within our College.

May you experience a joyful, peaceful and holy Christmas with your families.

Catholic Advent Resource Guide 2023

See local Parish websites for upcoming Christmas Mass timetables:

St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Caroline Springs Website
Sacred Heart/Emmaus St Albans & Sydenham Website
Resurrection Catholic Parish, Kings Park Website

St Vinnies Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal - Social Justice

By Matilda Mattar Social Justice and Service - Learning Leader

In the splendour of Christmas, we embrace a profound truth: it's a time for giving, sharing the love and selflessness taught to us by our Saviour. This season, our celebrations ought to mirror this spirit, where generosity outshines mere receiving. It's a time when kindness flourishes, when our hearts expand to extend love to those in need.

Walking past the decorated tree, feeling the love radiate from it, the heart swells with a heart-warming embrace. On behalf of St Vinnies-Deer Park and the Social Justice Team, our deepest gratitude extends to the CRCCS community.

Every gift placed beneath the wishing tree becomes a beacon of joy for countless young hearts in our community. Your presence serves as a testament to the genuine essence of Christmas.

As we rejoice in the birth of our Saviour – Christ is Born, may the warmth of this festive season illuminate your homes with love and compassion.

Japan Cultural Study Tour 2023

By Shingo Gibson-Suzuki Teacher

Twelve students from Years 9 and 10 along with three teachers (Mr. Daniel Pisani, Ms. Dawn Rodgers, and Mr. Gibson-Suzuki) departed Melbourne International Airport on 24 October 2023 for the College’s very first cultural study tour to Japan. After two relatively long overnight flights via Hong Kong, we arrived at Narita International Airport and made our way to our first hotel and we explored the area to find our first meal in Tokyo.

During our two full days in Tokyo, we were met by a lovely local tour guide named Sophie. Sophie took us to all the must-visit locations in Japan starting with Ueno Park followed by Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa shrine. The day concluded with a visit to Akihabara, where all the anime and manga fans were treated to multi-storey buildings packed with anime and manga merchandise.

The second day in Tokyo was just as busy as the first as Sophie took us to Harajuku; a young and hip hangout spots before spending an extended time in Shibuya, where the famous Shibuya crossing is located. We then took a monorail to Odaiba to experience a virtual reality environment at TeamLab before saying our goodbye to Sophie.

The next morning, we took the Shinkansen (Bullet train) to Kyoto while experiencing the speed of up to 300km/h. Upon our arrival, we explored the old capital of Japan by visiting the Gion district. Unfortunately, we were unable to see any Geisha or Maiko in the area and the matter was made worse when we were caught out in a sudden downpour, which cleared up by the following morning.

We joined the morning bus tour to visit Nijo castle, where students learnt about the lifestyle of Samurai war heroes such as how they created an ancient security system by making creaky floorboards on purpose. We then visited the famous Golden Pavilion followed by the Imperial Palace. In the afternoon, we made our way to another famous attraction, Kiyomizu temple. The students were given an opportunity to explore Aeon mall, a massive Japanese department store during the evening.

The next morning, we were met up by a local guide, Jun, who took us to famous shrines and temples in Kyoto and Nara. The first stop was Tofuku-ji to observe the Zen garden followed by a quick visit to Fushimi Inari shrine to walk through an endless rows of Torii gates leading up to the mountain. We took a short train ride to Nara, where students enjoyed interacting with wild deer before being with the largest indoor Buddha in Todai-ji.

Students woke up a little nervous the following morning knowing they will meet their host families at Seishin Girls High School in Okayama Prefecture. When we arrived at the school, we received the Japanese welcome in its highest form – individualised welcome message board for each student. Students and teachers from CRCCS attended Japanese Tea ceremony and Koto performance. Gymnastics and Dance clubs showed off their moves before CRCCS students joined in. The welcome party continued after school for the Japanese BBQ, where we were joined by more than 50 students from Seishin who wanted to meet our students before going home with their host families.

We spent one whole day at Seishin High school to experience what Japanese schooling is like firsthand. CRCCS students joined their English conversation class, tried calligraphy lesson and Japanese archery demonstration. They also enjoyed dressing up in a traditional Japanese Yukata and festival dancing.

Outside of school, host sisters accompanied us to day trips to Universal Studio Japan and Hiroshima/Miyajima. The visit to Universal Studio Japan was a hectic day as it was the Halloween and students waited in lines for up to 90minutes to go on the rides. The trip to Hiroshima allowed us to witness what it was like for the victims of atomic bomb during the WWII.

Students and teachers enjoyed spending time with their host families on the weekend before we flew back home to Melbourne. Although it was a very busy two-week schedule, students were able to experience opportunities of a lifetime and we look forward to welcoming 16 students from Seishin Girls High School in March 2024.

Japan was an extremely fulfilling experience! The culture and environment were very different from Australia, and I enjoyed learning about them. I had an amazing time and hope to return in the future!
Alexandra Naig

Throughout the Japan trip I loved the multiple experiences and activities we participated in the multiple cities we visited. Sightseeing and meeting new people were definitely a memorable experience, but I’d say the food was the highlight of the trip!
Bianca Ifurung

Photography Competition

Photography Competition

During Arts & Tech Week each year, we hold an Open Photography Competition for all students with prizes for both seniors and juniors in each category.

This year, the categories were STILL LIFE, and PORTRAIT.

I'd like to extend a big THANK YOU to all our student entries for their efforts and amazing photographic artworks.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following prize winners -



The impressive winning images have been attached for you all to enjoy!

Dawn Rogers
Year 10 Level Leader / Photography Teacher

Year 9 and 10 Art Works

By Debbie Cooper Learning Area Leader - Arts

Year 9 students completed a folio of drawing works based on still life and portraiture. Here are a few great examples of the final portraits completed by some students.

Year 10s explored a multimedia task based on a social commentary of an environmental issue. The composition was based on a beyond the border technique where the main subject remains in colour but everything turns black and white outside the main rectangle.

Social Justice

By Matilda Mattar Social Justice and Service - Learning Leader

This year, the Social Justice Team has made ample effort to encourage and promote the wellbeing of not just those within the College community, but also worldwide. We've stood at the front gate handing out chocolates and cards, to selling jelly, baked goods, pancakes, BE Day, all for the purpose of making a difference in one or many people’s lives. Contribution can be seen and sought out in different ways. For most students, their contribution comes from donations like the huge ones we see on Live Fully, Act Justly Day. The students on the Social Justice Team make their contributions to the community by actively participating and going out of their way to support Mrs Mattar’s efforts in prioritising love, respect and compassion for all.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote that I don’t need to see big changes, but one person to smile at our group’s actions; and I believe that this goal has been reached. I personally have seen the changes, especially regarding religious mindsets. More students, young students, go to the Friday 8am Mass, younger students are asking questions about how to make the world a better place for all. To encourage faith, forgiveness and empathy while we are still young will mould younger generations to not only act as better people, but simply BE better people. I strongly believe that each little thing that our team has done this year has impacted in some way, shape or form. It has been an absolute pleasure to be CRCCS’s first Faith and Social Justice Captain and I am eager to see what will be done in the years to come. Congratulations to Mihini on the appointment of her role as the faith and Social Justice captain 2024.

I wish you all a safe and Holy Christmas with my best wishes for 2024!

Maya Simunija
Faith and Social Justice Captain

In 2023, the Social Justice Team passionately embraced our College motto, 'Live Fully Act Justly,' embodying our pillars of Prayer, Stewardship, Compassion, and Learning, fundamental in shaping our community's ethos. Through unwavering dedication, this team tirelessly laboured to fulfill God's purpose, profoundly impacting our school community's while bringing about a transformative shift, drawing people closer together and fostering a more profound sense of unity and understanding. In Christian terms, this team symbolises the entirety of humanity engaged in social justice endeavours. Therefore, I want to extend heartfelt gratitude to the 2023 team whose unwavering faith and relentless commitment brought about such significant positive change in our school community.

Now, we look to next year, a massive congratulations to the Social Justice team of 2024.

Year 8 Representatives
Leila L
Clare O
Richardine C
Jaaziah C
Izzie R
Gabriella L
Adelle C
Emilia R
Olivia C
Savannah F

Year 9 Representatives
Keisha C
Klark N
Charlotte A
Malak H
Olivia G
Chloe H
Carlos T
Chanel G
Sophia C
Alannah S

Year 10 Representatives
Lucas P
Mihini R
James J
Dominic A
Lily M
Almeeyah B
Alizah P
Adam R
Sophie D

A special congratulations to Mihini on her new role as CRCCS’ Faith and Social Justice Captain for 2024.

Social Justice 2024 is going to be amazing! As we work together to teach and demonstrate the essence and meaning of Living Fully Acting Justly in our community and walking in the light of God.

Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour and my hope is in you all day long. Psalm 25:4-5

Matilda Mattar
Social Justice and Service - Learning Leader

Finance Department

By Simone Isa Finance Assistant

2024 School Fees

2024 School Fee notice and Fee Payment Agreements were mailed home. If you have not received them, please contact the finance department, or visit the school website. If you have changed home address or email details, please also update the school.

2024 Payment arrangements are due back as soon as possible to commence in February 2024 and finalised by November 2024 unless prior arrangement is in place.

CSEF 2024 (Current health care card holders)

CSEF applications are being accepted for 2024. Please complete the application form on our website and return the completed signed form along with a copy of the parent/carer current health care card valid until the end of term one 2024 to the College office as soon as possible. CSEF-application-form.pdf (

STEM Immersion USA - 13-24 September 2024

Payment due dates are 26 February 2024 and 22nd April 2024 - $1,500.00

If you wish to discuss any finance concerns, please reach out to us by phone 9217 8000 extension 2 or email

Thank you
Finance Department

Five Minutes with Staff - Meet Linda Bracco

How long have you worked at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs?
6 Years

What is your role at the school?
Cultural Immersion and Exchange Coordinator and Languages Learning Area Leader

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Seeing students succeed, flourish and achieve their goals

When you were little what did you aspire to be?
I wanted to be a lawyer

What was your favourite subject at school?
I enjoyed Italian, Photography and Literature

How many languages do you speak?
I speak English and Italian

What is your favourite sport to watch or play?
I enjoy watching soccer and tennis

What's your favourite holiday destination?
Positano, Italy

What is the best place you ever traveled to?
Florence, Italy

What is the best advice you haves ever received?
Focus on the things that you can control, not the things you can’t

Five Minutes with Staff - Meet Brendan Jackson

How long have you worked at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs?
11 Years

What is your role at the school?

Learning & Teaching Leader: Curriculum Innovation

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Working with great people

What is your ideal way to unwind and relax?
Taking my dog Archie for a walk

What's your most fond childhood memory?
Family holiday to the Queensland Theme Parks

When you were little what did you aspire to be?
A Physiotherapist

What was your favourite subject at school?

What are your hobbies?
Basketball/Sport in general

How many languages do you speak?
2 (Indonesian and English)

What’s on your bucket list?
To see the Northern Lights

What is the one thing that instantly makes your day better?

What skill would you like to master?
Learning how to smoke meats on the BBQ well

What book/tv series/podcasts are you into at the moment?
The Blacklist

What is your favourite sport to watch or play?
Basketball (NBA)

What would you sing at karaoke night?
Mr Brightside

If you could choose to be anything for a day, what would it be?
Prime Minister

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?
Time Travel

What is the best place you ever traveled to?
San Sebastian in Spain

What is the best advice you haves ever received?
Don't worry about the things you can't control, focus on the things you can.

St Catherine of Siena Carols by Candlelight

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