By Ms Elise Nowak Learning and Teaching Leader – Data Analysis

Year 9 students participate in a Fitness Unit this Semester.

Zalaika F of 9 Wonga has detailed her experience of the unit below:

“During this unit, my class and I have explored the various aspects of the Fitness world, and how there's more to the unit than meets the eye.

Assigned to organise our own personal fitness program, my group and I chose to challenge our anaerobic capacity, aerobic power, and our overall endurance levels. From there, we were assessed on our ability to develop a program– over a four-week course - to strengthen and better these fitness components. We were then provided the opportunity to step into the shoes of a personal trainer and push our group members to complete our individual training programs.

As we are drawing to a close on this unit, my group and I are hoping to come out with improved and beneficial results, that prove that our new knowledge has helped us physically strengthen our once personal bests.

Images of 9 Wonga students as Personal Trainers, participating in the Fitness Unit, are featured below:

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