By Ms Renuka Dhillon Mathematics Teacher

On Wednesday 24 August a group of year 8 students participated in State-wide Mathematics Games Day organized by The Mathematical Association of Victoria at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, East Keilor.

Maths Games Day is an opportunity for students to develop their mathematical talents and thinking skills in a setting where mathematics is regarded as fun and worthwhile with like-minded students from a diverse range of schools. It is an ideal way for students to participate in mathematical activities without the usual classroom pressures and is a very effective vehicle for getting young people – particularly in the middle years of schooling – excited about mathematics. 

Our students had a great time at the Games Day and worked as a team to solve various problems as well as play mathematical games against the competing schools

Here are the reflections from the students who participated in the Mathematics Games Day:

Charlize H 8LI:

Overall, I found today extremely fun. We were able to work together as a team and solve many problem-solving questions. We socialised and talked to other schools as well as competed with them. Instead of pure maths-based games that relied on only strategy, skill and background knowledge, most of the games were more based on chance and luck with most of them using dice. It was very enjoyable and if I had the chance I would definitely do it again!

Sophie D 8WO:

The maths games day was a great opportunity to meet students from other schools and to participate in challenging maths competitions, and it was also cool to see a different school. I really enjoyed competing against the other teams in the three games that we played, and we were able to win all three of them. It was also really fun to work on the problem-solving booklet with my team, even though it was difficult. It was a successful day, and it was very enjoyable.

Dominic A 8WO:

This day was quite challenging, yet exciting. Solving a number of mathematical problems, talking to people I usually don't speak with, and working as a team, and it was a great day overall. Though we may not have won, we had a lot of fun throughout the day. It was great seeing everyone in my team try to the best of their ability, even if there were some hard questions. In the end, I would recommend you go on this trip if given the opportunity.

Hamish M 8WO:

Math games day was very engaging and interesting. There were lots of activities to do that also encouraged teamwork, and you got to do games with other schools. It was very organised and professional. The challenges that we did were very fun and got us to think. I think that Math Games day was amazing.

Rafael A 8WO:

Maths games day was an opportunity for me to test my problem solving and intuition skills in a fun but challenging experience. I enjoyed competing against other players and testing my knowledge. I also found working with my team members on problems fun because we got to share our knowledge with each other. I found that I had to use my deduction and logic skills a lot throughout the day. I learned a lot from the day, such as the importance of sharing your knowledge with others. Overall, I found the day incredibly rewarding and I wish to do it again.

James J 8WO:

When we went to Math Games Day there was a hall full of students, all from different schools across our area. It was crazy seeing so many people from different schools in the same room. Across the day there were a few activities in which we got to vs the other schools in some mostly not math related games which was really fun.

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