By Gabby Pace Year 10MW Student

“The Geography Field Trip attended by the Year 10 Geography class was an insightful and enjoyable experience, that showcased the environmental change and management of our coastlines. Our class stopped along many locations across Victoria’s coastline, including Painkalac Creek, Aireys Inlet, Point Roadknight and Barwon Heads. We observed various prominent features, processes and the changes that have occurred in these regions. We could infer that processes such as erosion, longshore drift and deposition had numerous effects on the environment that we know today. Additionally, the class discussed how humans influence the coast, as well as management strategies that have been put in place to avoid further damage caused by some of these processes. We were able to develop a better understanding of many of the topics we had explored in class with Ms Lalor through a practical, hands-on experience. The excursion was both positive and beneficial for all students and was filled with many great memories to remember!”

Gabby Pace 10MW

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