By Matilda Mattar Learning Leader: Social Justice and Service

DAY 1 – Adoration & Benediction

This week we celebrate National Vocations Awareness Week. The week celebrates the mystery and power of vocation. We often mistake vocation for getting a job or choosing a career. However, vocation is about God’s will and purpose for our lives. This is also a great cultural challenge, because the measure of a fulfilled life in our society today, is not so much on the fulfillment of God’s purpose for our lives, but in terms of our own decisions and the need to have “personal experiences.” Christ reveals as vocation priesthood, marriage and religious life these are not career options but are the purpose and meaning of our lives. We are chosen for these things, and we become who our creator intended us to be in our response to this divine call. 

We need to allow time for our children to practice discernment. The decision-making process which allows one to reflect on God’s will for our lives.

Making time to be in solitude and speaking to God when discerning God’s vocation allows us to make decisions based on the love of God and the fulfillment of our heart.  

On day one of Vocations Week, students encountered Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, praying for vocations and opening their hearts to discern what God is calling them to be.  

DAY 2 - Vocations Week Cross Making

In the heart-warming tribute to the legacy of Saint Mary Mackillop, Australia's beloved first saint, students came together during Vocations Week to commemorate her remarkable life and teachings.  Students spent lunchtime decorating their personal crosses.

While crafting their crosses, students were reminded of the values of Mary Mackillop - St Mary of the Cross, hopefully igniting a spark of inspiration within them to continue her mission of spreading love, hope, and kindness.

In the spirit of Saint Mary Mackillop, these young individuals have not only commemorated her life but have also embraced the call to vocation - to live purposefully, guided by principles of justice and compassion. These crosses serve as a reminder that like Saint Mary Mackillop they too can be beacons of light in a world that yearns for love and unity. 

Day 3 – LIHM Sisters and Seminarian

We were blessed to be visited by Fr Richard Rosse (Parish Priest, St Catherine of Siena, Caroline Springs), The LIHM Sisters and Seminarian – Ezekiel who spoke to our students about what is a vocation, their personal vocation story and how to discern what God is calling us to be.

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