By Hayley Iannazzo Science & STEM Learning Area Leader

Term One has proven to be a busy and exciting term for the Science and STEM department, with students getting involved in a range of activities and developing their knowledge and skills in this learning area.

The Year 7s students have been introduced to Science and STEM at CRCCS – they have learnt about Laboratory safety and how to use specialised scientific equipment such as the Bunsen Burners. Students undertaking the STEM elective this term have had fun learning to code Sphero robots and have experimented with film canister rockets powered by Bicarbonate Soda and Vinegar.

Our Year 8 students have been studying cells and have learnt how to use microscopes. Students have been able to use the microscopes to focus in on individual cells from plant samples, and to compare these to animal cell samples. The ability to see cells up close has helped our Year 8 students to really understand this fascinating area of Biology.

Year 9 students have been focusing on Physics this term. They have been learning about heat and electricity. The students have been testing different insulators to see which trap heat most effectively. They have also enjoyed learning how to wire series and parallel electric circuits.

The Year 10 students have been enjoying their first year of studying the science subject of their choice, in line with their own interests and pathways. Students studying DNA, Genes and Inheritance have been learning about DNA and learnt how to extract it from the cells of a Kiwi fruit. Biodiversity and Evolutionary Science students have been learning about Natural Selection and our Chemistry students have been experimenting with comparing metallic elements to non-metallic elements, as well as testing the chemicals which are used to create the beautiful colours we see in fireworks displays.

It certainly has been a jam-packed term, full of lots of hands-on learning. Our team looks forward to next term when we can continue to inspire our students to get excited about all things Science and STEM.

Hayley Iannazzo
Science & STEM Learning Area Leader

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