By Ms Matilda Mattar Social Justice and Service-Learning Leader

It was on the feast day of the Annunciation (25 March), that the Social Justice team decided to spread good vibes throughout the school community. The day involved setting a positive and mindful tone to remind every student about having a positive mindset. Upon arrival at the College, students were greeted with bubbles and an opportunity to pick a good vibe card out of a jar. As I watched them read their card, a calming smile appeared on most faces before they tucked it into their pockets. One student even expressed how relevant and reassuring the card was, with respect to what she was currently experiencing - this was overwhelming.

During lunch, the students had the opportunity to colour in, paint eggs and listen to the Ukulele club sing and play. Others were happy to run around with their bunny ears on. All in all, the good vibes had a rippling effect.

It is important that we always stop, reflect, and remember - faith over fear, and that God is our strength, and knowing this, we soldier on and keep smiling!

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