By Ms Sandra Mobbs Learning and Teaching Leader: Digital Learning

Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs have engaged Campion Education for our 2023 resources.

The College has chosen to use Campion Education to provide families with:

  • a simplified online resource list and ordering process
  • digital and physical resources and required stationery in a single resource list
  • a Campion Education shop in Derrimut where parents can purchase physical resources and stationery
  • reduced delivery costs for the delivery of physical resources.

Step 1:

View allocated subject list for your child

17 October 2022

Students in Years 8-10 (2023) will be emailed their allocated subject list. The allocated subject list is based on the preferences students submitted in Term 3.

Students in Year 7 (2023) will study all subjects included on the Year 7 Resource List.

Step 2:

Purchase required items on the Resource List

17 October 2022

Families can purchase required items on the Resource List. Instructions for ordering through Campion are included at the bottom of this document.

The Resource List for each year level includes:

  • physical and digital textbooks and resources listed within each subject
  • stationery (stationery can also be purchased from other suppliers).

16 November 2022

Final date for ordering through the Resource List to ensure delivery at reduced cost and delivery prior to the start of Term 1.

Step 3:

Students studying Italian or Japanese purchase Education Perfect

2 December 2022

Students studying Italian and Japanese will have access to their CRCCS Education Perfect account.

Login to student’s CRCCS Education Perfect account. Click on the payment link.

A reminder and instructions will be emailed to families on this day.

28 February 2023

Final date for purchasing Education Perfect: Students will lose access to Education Perfect if their subscription has not been purchased by this date.

Details about how to order will be published with the Resource Lists on 17 October 2022

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