By Mr Jamie Madigan Principal

Last weekend we celebrated Palm Sunday, the last Sunday of the Lenten season. On Palm Sunday, we remember Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem, while understanding that amidst the celebrations of this entrance, Jesus knew what was to happen later that week.

Palm Sunday marks the commencement of Holy Week, a week when we remember Christ’s suffering and death. Hopefully, this remembrance helps us to focus on being the best people we can be in our daily lives. Christ’s suffering was to help us to be closer to God, He modelled a life for us to emulate, particularly in the acceptance and help He gave to the outcasts and underprivileged of His time.

This week we celebrate Holy week. I encourage you to attend the ceremonies of Holy Thursday and Good Friday, as well as Easter Sunday, with your families. The Resurrection of Christ is at the heart of our beliefs as Catholics. Christ was born and died for us, giving the gift of our hope and belief in everlasting life. I hope that all families have a wonderful Easter holiday break and really value the opportunity to appreciate each other and show the love which can sometimes remain hidden in our hearts in the busyness of daily life.

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli PatrickOration

The Patrick Oration was delivered by Most Rev Peter A Comensoli, the ninth Archbishop of Melbourne, on 17 March 2021 at the Catholic Leadership Centre, East Melbourne.

I have included some key paragraphs form his oration below.

Excerpts taken from Archbishop Peter A Comensoli’s PatrickOration:

As we now move tentatively out of exile – still in a state of ebb and flow, still uncertain of the future – we should not miss that COVID has shifted and sifted us. Where now is the ground on which we need to plant the gospel? How do we step out towards it? How might we become the leaven needed for a more humane way of living in this new world still emerging? Perhaps we can learn from our faith ancestors, in finding our identity by way of our households.

For people of faith, the family home is where God’s household gathers. It is the Church in domestic form, in which all her members are called to exercise a domestic priestly life. Each is anointed to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ:

  • to offer words of healing and reconciliation, and gestures of blessing,
  • to teach the faith and grow disciples,
  • to feed the body and the soul.

The households of God’s people are indeed a leaven, indeed a ‘mother,’ from which comes the bread of life.

Yet, as different as we might be in social, cultural and ecclesial histories, we do share the same gospel calling, and can ask the same questions of discipleship:

  • Have we responded to God’s word and are we walking in God’s presence?
  • Have we shared the company of our brothers and sisters and joined with them in prayer and fellowship?
  • Have we advanced in a life of love and service of others?

Why these three questions, you might ask? Well, for those of you who have been involved in RCIA and went to the Rite of Election should recognise them. They are the questions asked of the sponsors to the catechumens who will soon receive the Easter Sacraments. These are, in other words, the questions that define a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Please click on the link below for the full PatrickOration by Most Rev Peter A Comensoli

CRC Caroline Springs Parents & Friends Association:

This year we are looking to further develop our Parents & Friends Association as we see this as a very important support group for our College. Unfortunately, last year due to COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to meet regularly and hold our usual social events. Meetings are open to and attended by interested parents/carers, friends of the College, teachers and administrative staff as well as the Principal, or one of the Deputy Principals.

Everyone is welcome to come and meet other parents, to learn more about our wonderful College as well as participate and share in general discussion often relating to significant issues about school events.

Below are the dates for the Parents and Friends association meetings, to be held in the College Library:

Wednesday 5 May 7:00pm

Wednesday 28 July 7:00pm

Wednesday 20 October 7:00pm

We would like for interested parents to please email the College at:

New Aquinas Building

The College, as part of its vision and mission, aims to provide excellence in learning. This will be supported by ongoing development and upgrading of College buildings, grounds and facilities.

Some exciting news is that work will soon be completed on the new Aquinas Building. This building will be a great inclusion for our community and students will reap the rewards of this state-of-the-art facility. This building will host eight homerooms, as well as two large collaborative learning spaces and numerous staff offices. The building and other new facilities recently opened at the College provide a rich and stimulating learning environment for all our students to flourish and reach their full potential.

I would like to thank all the staff, students and families who entered their suggestions for the naming of the new building. After an extensive process, I am proud to announce that the new building will be named the St Thomas Aquinas Building.

St Thomas Aquinas is a saint and doctor of the Catholic Church. He has contributed greatly to the philosophy and theology of both secular and the church and developed a reputation of highly academic scholarly writings. St Thomas Aquinas is a model for both laity and clergy. As a priest in the Dominican order, he was known for his Christ-like example in word and deed to his fellow Dominicans.

St Thomas Aquinas exemplified great commitment to his faith and to the church and exemplified a positive attitude and devotion to education through his work and contributions to philosophy, theology, prayer and music. S. Thomas Aquinas is the patron of all universities, colleges, and schools and he stated that we can know truth through faith and reason which is the foundation of the philosophy of Catholic education in Catholic schools.

The St Thomas Aquinas building will be ready for use for the start of Term 2.

Term 2 Student Free Day-Monday 19 April

Please note that Monday 19 April will be a staff Professional Learning Day (student free day). Students will return to the College on Tuesday 20 April. Please place this student free day date into your calendar.

Staffing News

I would like to take the opportunity to wish our College groundskeeper and gardener Charlie Giordimaina all the best has he concludes with us at the end of Term 1. We thank Charlie for his contribution to our College and wish him all the best for the future. We also wish Thao Nguyen all the best as she begins her three weeks of Long Service Leave and we thank Tanya Volarevic (Year 10 VCAL teacher) whose contract concludes at the end of Term 1.

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve the Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs community this term. There have been some wonderful achievements reached this term and much to celebrate. I ask that students take the time to reflect and enjoy these achievements, whilst also setting specific and realistic goals for Term 2. I also ask all students to challenge themselves to participate in the vast array of co-curricular activities available and to embrace and contribute to the numerous faith and social justice opportunities available at the College. May all members of the college community truly live and breathe our ‘Live Fully Act Justly’ motto.

As we conclude Term 1, we give thanks for the many enriching experiences of life and learning at our College and we pray for a safe and restful time for students, staff and families over the holiday period. May the spirit of hope that Easter brings, inspire renewed energy, new goals and a strengthened resolve to live the Christian life in the footsteps of Jesus.

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