By Paul Sammut Head of Faith and Mission

We have been blessed to have the Sisters of the Leaven of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (LIHM) frequent our College every Wednesday during lunch at St Catherine of Siena Church. It has been wonderful to welcome our students for games, catechesis, and prayer. Year 8 student, Owen A. has been a regular attendee from the very beginning and shares his experience.

Going to the LIHM sisters is always a fun experience for the people that come and their friends. Every session with the LIHM sisters includes fun activities and games followed by some learning about the sessions topic made fun by the sisters. After this, the session ends with praying a decade of the rosary. Whether you come with friends or by yourself, no session is boring, even if you come halfway through our activity or just before we pray. People of all ages and all year levels are encouraged to come and have a good time with us.

Owen A. – 8 Barak

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