By Ms Katie Murray-Fawcett Deputy Principal Wellbeing

This year, Wellbeing Leaders have made the decision that Years 7-9 students will not be putting in any requests for friends in their homerooms for 2023. Staff are already aware of any significant issues that may impact students and will do their best to accommodate for such concerns. At Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs, we use a program called Class Solver which assists in creating classroom lists that take into account such important factors as academic needs and abilities, wellbeing concerns, behaviour, student dynamics, those with additional needs, teacher consultation and leadership input.

We are also aware of our students developing a sense of resilience and being able to learn to work with different people, whilst giving them opportunities to form new relationships to ensure they will flourish. Please remember that due to the complexities of placing well over 200 students into homerooms we ask you to remember that issues, needs and circumstances will be considered to the best of our ability. We believe that our wellbeing support and pastoral care underpin our work here at CRC Caroline Springs and it is our aim to develop students who are resilient, socially able and adaptable to change. Ultimately, it is our priority to always work to balance the most important factors for students’ wellbeing and academic growth when developing homeroom lists.

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