By Ms Anneliese Consiglio History Teacher

On Tuesday 23 March, Year 10 History students participated in an incursion that focused on The Holocaust. The incursion was broken up into three parts, each with activities that the students worked together to complete. First, the students were introduced to the Holocaust through a video that explored the lead up to the Holocaust and survivor testimonies. After that, students did a ‘Virtual Jewish Holocaust Centre Museum Amazing Race’, where they were given a list of artefacts to find and some prompts to answer. The first three groups to submit their answers won a canteen voucher. Big congratulations to the following winners: Maria Ranasinghe and Abigail De Rozario; First Place, Peter Nikolakopoulos, Robin Go and Carlos Antonio; Second Place, Hudson Catuaan, Kenzi Tamani and Simon Santiago; Third Place.

During the middle of the day, students participated in an activity called, ‘Who is to blame for the Holocaust?’. Within this activity, they enquired through primary and secondary sources the culpability of individuals and groups in the Holocaust. The day was ended by a screening of Jewish film ‘Run Boy, Run’ in the Performing Arts Centre. The film follows the story of a young Polish Jew who evades capture through connection to personal faith and trust in others. Overall, the students engaged actively throughout the activities and were able to produce great work that demonstrated their reasoning, as well as cause and effect skills. Well done Historians!

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