By Paul Sammut Head of Faith and Mission

On Friday 8 September, we were blessed to have Fr Emma Kiwinicha from the Parish of Mannya, Uganda, visit our College. Fr Emma came with the intention of expressing his gratitude on behalf of his community for the generosity our college community has shown in assisting with building classrooms and supporting the feeding program for the young.

Fr Emma shared his story and the daily hardships his community faces, with our Year 7 students and with various other classes from Year 8-10 throughout the day. He explained that many children need to walk 2 kilometres a day to get water, and the water is not clean. Fr Emma also stated that many of the students only experience one meal a day of porridge, but there would be no meal if it was not for the support of the feeding program our college has provided.

He shared photos with us of the progress of the two new classrooms that CRC Caroline Springs has been able to build with the money raised and how the students of Mannya have greatly benefited from having good facilities to support their education. Fr Emma said that future projects would include a water pump to ensure that his community would have access to fresh clean water and near wear families lived.

Fr Emma left us with some words of encouragement, reminding us to continue to be kind to others, be grateful for the things we have, and to continue to act in charity and love toward others. His visit has shown us how our generosity has made a difference to the life of others.

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