By Ms Katie Franzone Performing Art Centre and Events Coordinator

Congratulations to the cast of our 2021 College Musical: Annie

We are pleased to announce the students who worked so hard on their auditions to secure a place in our annual College Musical.


Annie: Jessica Wardle

Warbucks: Austin Stellini

Miss Hanigan: Elizabeth Cefai

Rooster: Noah Gartside

Grace: Jenna Valentini

Molly - Rita Youssef

Kate - Katherine Skelaj

Tessie - Eniola Tiamyu

Pepper - Olivia Heath

July - Georgia Micalef

Duffy - Kayla Shaw

Minor Leads:

Lilly St James: Olivia Grima

Bert Healy: Joaquin Santos

Drake: Kenzie Tamani

Ms Greer: Zelda De Souza

Ms Pugh: Natalie Micalef

Cecil: Elizabeth De Dios

Roosevelt: Thomas Cheal

Boylan Sister Connie: Ava Nesci

Boylan Sister Bonnie: Silvia Karmiste

Boylan Sister Ronnie: Sienna Lane

Dance Troupe

Sienna Lane, Wyzobelle Morales, Monique Cefai, Sarah Rigg, Sienna-Skye Prokepek, Mia Anderson, Montanna Carriera, Silvia Karmiste, Beia Mendoza, Jayla Coates


Rahma Alkateb, Leona Cini, Alyssa Cassar, Olivia Hannett, Mason Spiteri,

Christina Stanford, Chelsea Waters, Chas Court, Kristina Ivic, Yohan Aranha

Andrea Celestino, Jermaine Ramierez, Claire Lauder,Tina Phung,

Alexandra Wood, Olivia Molina-Altaino, Madeleine Castellanos

Ivanka Portelli, Augusta Morris, Zalaika Farrugia, Chas Court, Ella Hall

Emma Nguyen, Kristina Ivic, Scarlett Stinson, Sienna Glasson, Mya Mangion

Olivia Mollina-Altamirano, Ava Nesci, Kyra Groveas, Madeline Castellanos, Emily Fatone

Keep a look out for updates on our College social media and upcoming newsletters. We can’t wait to start bringing this show to life!

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