By Miss Allison Caruana Events & PAC Coordinator

Broadway Beats: Year 9 Musical Theatre

In a classroom where Broadway comes to life, Year 9 Musical Theatre Students have recently delved deep into the world of Musical Theatre.

To begin our Term, students have participated in a series of ‘Triple Threat Workshops’ where each student has been invited to story tell through melodies, step through dance routines, and sculpt their emotions through acting.

Most recently, our students leaped, spun, and gestured their way through the dynamic world of Broadway Jazz.

Students were taught a dance routine to ‘The Greatest Showman’s: Come Alive’, where as an ensemble, the class told a story of passion and ambition. Led by Grace from GJ Productions, students were exposed to the Broadway stage and the magical world of movement.

From high-energy kick lines to grapevines and more, each student immersed themselves within the infectious rhythm and style of musical theatre dance.

As our ‘Triple Threat Workshops’ come to an end, the Year 9 Students emerged not only as triple threats with expertise, but as confident and versatile performers ready to take on their next challenge of the stage.

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