By Ms Linda Bracco Acting Learning & Teaching Leader (Curriculum Innovation)

Dear Parents/Carers,

Assessment Re-sit is one of the many Student Learning Support Programs offered at Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs. Students are given the opportunity to complete a missed in-class assessment/test without the need to be absent for additional class time.


  1. When and where does Assessment Re-sit take place?

A 60-minute assessment re-sit takes place each Tuesday and Thursday from 3:20pm – 4:20pm in the College Cafeteria.

  1. Is Assessment Re-sit compulsory?

When requested by the teacher, it is an expectation that your child attends Assessment Re-sit.

  1. Does my child require permission to attend an Assessment Re-sit?

Yes. An Assessment Re-sit requires Operoo permission from a parent/carer. This is a once off permission in the instance when your child will be required to attend.

  1. How do I know when my child has received an Assessment Re-sit?

An email notification will be sent informing you that your child is required to attend an Assessment Re-sit.

  1. What if my child is absent on the day of the Assessment Re-sit?

If you child is absent on the day of the Assessment Re-sit, they may be eligible for a Rescheduled Assessment Re-sit if a valid reason is provided.

  1. What are the valid reasons for missing an Assessment Re-sit?
  2. Illness (medical certificate required within 48 hours with an accompanying parent/carer note to reception).
  3. Compassionate grounds i.e., a funeral (parent/carer to provide note to reception).
  4. Isolation due to infectious diseases protocols (parent/carer note to reception is required).
  1. When will my child’s Rescheduled Assessment Re-sit take place?

If your child is deemed eligible, they will be placed on the next available Assessment Re-sit. An email notification will be sent once this has occurred.

  1. What if I can’t provide a valid reason for the missed Assessment Re-sit?

If your child is unable to provide a valid reason for missing the Assessment Re-sit, a reschedule will not take place. They will receive a zero result for the assessment task, and this will impact the overall result for that subject.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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