By Ms Deborah Cooper and Ms Matilda Mattar Head of Visual Arts and Head of Technology

Finally, after two years of creating digital exhibitions showcasing student’s art and technology works, we are back in the Performing Art Centre for the annual Arts and Technology exhibition.

On Tuesday 18 October at 6pm we will begin with the principal, Mr Jamie Madigan formally opening the exhibition. From there you will be able to view students’ art and projects completed in Materials Technology, Media, and Food.

Prior to the exhibition, teachers and students will have viewed and judged artworks to see what work was favoured by the students and work that would become a part of the school’s acquisition collection.

During the week there will be lunchtime activities for the students to participate in, as well as a drawing and photographic competition open to all year levels.

See the flyers that accompany this article.

We look forward to seeing you there to enjoy the creative talents of the CRCCS students.

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