By Ms Elise Nowak Learning & Teaching Leader Data Analysis

On Tuesday 27 April, the College has Student Parent Teacher Interviews scheduled from 9:00am to 8:00pm. These interviews are designed to provide an opportunity for students, parents/carers and teachers to discuss progress throughout Term 1 and as a time for setting learning goals for Term 2. There will be no scheduled classes for students on this day.

The Student Parent Teacher Interviews will be held online via Microsoft Teams, in response to positive stakeholder feedback and to meet fluctuating governing body directives.

Bookings will be made available for parents via the Parent Teacher Online (PTO) platform as of Tuesday 6 April. However, to provide teachers the opportunity to adequately prepare for each interview, the online booking process will close for parent at 9:00am on Friday 23 April.

The process for joining each Student Parent Teacher Interview remains the same as the Term 3, 2020, instructions. Parents and students will be required to join each Student Parent Teacher Interview via the link for the respective teacher available from the PTO Portal (see example in image below).

Students are expected to use their College MacBook to join each Microsoft Teams meeting and be present for the duration of all booked interviews with their parent from a suitable place at home. Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for the interview as outlined in the Microsoft Teams Student & Parent/Carer Guidelines.

All interviews will be ten minutes in duration and parents are asked to adhere to these booked times and abide by the Parent/Carer/Guardian Code of Conduct during Student Parent Teacher Interviews. Interpreters will be made available for parents as required for Student Parent Teacher Interviews.

In the event that families do not have internet access at home, the parent is asked to communicate with the subject teacher directly, prior to 9:00am Friday 23 April and a phone call will be made by the teacher to the parent during the scheduled interview time on Tuesday 27 April.

More information regarding how to access PTO and book requested interviews for your child through the PTO platform can be found in your College registered email address inbox on Wednesday 31 March.

You may download a copy of the Student Parent Teacher Interview Policy and Parent/Carer/Guardian Code of Conduct by clicking on the links here.

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